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President You

President You Final Book CoverOn retirement, most Americans hope to travel, pursue hobbies, dote on grandchildren, and just enjoy life. Augustus Lincoln Treatise has a different dream: to solve some of America’s thorniest problems by becoming President of the United States.

Not surprisingly, his wife and grown children react to this dream with disbelief. Augustus’ vision of change persuades them—and to everyone’s surprise, he wins the national election. As president, he introduces bold new strategies to eliminate the national debt and clean up the country’s water, create new jobs and reduce traditional influence peddling. Many of his unexpected proposals prevail. Even when they don’t, his willingness to dismantle partisan boundaries and rethink outworn traditions revitalizes the presidency and the nation it serves.

President You reaffirms that “ordinary” citizens can have a profound impact on the life of our nation and, by extension, the world. Whether or not you’ve ever wondered what you would do if you were President of the United States—and even if you disagree with some of Augustus’ initiatives—President You will get you thinking about the role and responsibilities of national government, the issues that affect our collective and individual lives, and the power of each and every citizen to make enduring change.

President You couples an engaging fictional narrative with a factual and impeccably researched exploration of presidential decision-making, the legislative structure and process, and the challenges that face America today. Offering bonus extras including a reference list and reader questions, it’s ideal for both book-group discussion and individual reading.

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