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Great Book.     Great read!

MAJ (Ret) Randall K. Faulkner, USA

A compelling read.     Little did I know how much I would enjoy this powerfully written story of common-sense solutions to our seemingly complex and overwhelming political problems. Tom’s story telling provides a historical perspective that is both comforting and thought provoking. I found “President You” to be a compelling story. I very much recommend reading the book for personal enjoyment or for educational purposes and discussion.

Oma Sue

Filled with Hope!     At this time, when the political climate of our country is more depressing and stressful that the world-wide Covid-19 pandemic that has plagued the U.S., it is comforting and important to fill ourselves with hope and know that we can be part of the solution. Everyone should read this book, then take a cup of coffee, step outside or open a window and take a big breath of fresh air. You will find yourself smiling.


Delightfully Sensible!     A breath of fresh air! After being subjected to “Constitutional experts” in the media the past few years, delving into this was a welcome respite. The amount of knowledge and genuine insights found in this book was impressive.

I’m a retired educator and for 20 years somehow found myself teaching US Govt. to adult and secondary students. Aside from having to brush up on my own knowledge of civics at the outset, one stumbling block one faces is always how best to present course material. How does one make the topics accessible and relevant to students?

The approach the author devised in this book, utilizing Augustus Treatise and his unlikely election as POTUS, is a very effective format. It enables the reader to consider firsthand the vast range of problems faced by our government through the years and then the novel solutions Augustus attempts. In this way, I thought this book to be a wonderful example of the “show not tell” maxim.

The assessment and methods Augustus uses to find solutions as the Chief Executive and “right the ship” are based on common sense — to such an extent, one has to wonder about the insane alternatives that have somehow prevailed. For me, this mindset was reminiscent of reading Mark Twain’s observations.

In this overall question of “how are men to be governed,” the author gives a detailed history behind many issues as part of examining how to go forward. Another lesson in how it helps to probe the past and how we arrived here. In addition, many problems in government were brought to my attention that had simply never occurred to me.

The book also has sprinkled throughout a nice amount of comic relief in the way of anecdotal details and even a hilarious illustration of political correctness carried to the extreme and its devastating effect on card games.

Overall, a refreshing lesson on several levels. Highly recommended!

Amazon Reader

Very interesting, thought-provoking read.     Great book!


If only ALT (Augustus Lincoln Treatise) Was Running for President in 2020!!     Williams weaves a masterful story that expresses what most Americans would love to see happen in real life. Based upon Williams’ real-life experiences in government, he includes many perplexing and frustrating situations involving bureaucracy and big corporate interests that you want to just retire to Italy and raise goats! But then Augustus Lincoln Treatise steps in to bring about positive changes that restore common sense in government. As much as possible, that is. No one man or woman can turn around the bloated, largely self-serving government quickly. It’s just not possible. But HOPE is what keeps human beings going, and that is the message of this wonderful book!

Daniel P.

Political Science Study.     Too bad Mr. Williams does not have a string of degrees after his name. That would certainly help in getting this book included as required reading and discussion at both the high school AP Government and Undergraduate Political Science levels. Wonder what would happen if all voters read President You BEFORE the next election – results would be very interesting. Would not hurt for a few so-called journalists and political commentators to read it too, they might actually learn something about what they are reporting/commenting on.


Common Sense way to improve our Country.     The book was a great common-sense approach on ideas to improve our government. The themes and ideas throughout the book could make quick and positive changes to our country. The crazy thing is that some of them would cost very little to implement. I particularly liked the chapter on Political Correctness. The book is a quick and easy read. It would be great for students and people wanting to know how they could make a difference with our government.

Matthew Locke

E-mail Comment.     In my opinion, it would be required reading for every high school Advanced Placement Civics or Government course in the country. Also, it should be included in the curriculum for Undergraduate Political Science, American Government and History at the college level.


We Are All “President You!”     Highly recommend. In President You, Tom Williams challenges each of us to participate in our nation’s political process and thereby influence both the intricate culture of Washington DC and ultimately America’s role in the world. Not trying to push any particular agenda, but rather to stimulate individual, creative thinking into of policy issues, Mr. Williams systematically discusses almost 30 traditional Washington practices, customs, and policies that effect every US citizen encouraging our involvement and action. In his own words, “each of us has a voice and in own way is a President YOU.” Mr. Williams presents a well-researched work that is not only worth one’s time to read and contemplate, but also a superb stimulus for an in-depth discussion of our political process and culture.

Amazon Customer

How to fix the Government!     An interesting read from someone who has great knowledge of how the US Government is supposed to function and, more specifically, the President’s role in it.

Robert F Schlegel, Jr

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