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“What would you do if you were president?” “How would you do things differently?” The book is designed to get you thinking about the role and responsibilities of the national government, the issues that affect our collective and individual lives, and the power of every citizen to make enduring change.

Follow Amy’s life-changing, emotional journey from first notice of Scott, to initial friendship, through dearest affection, toward unabashed adoration and finally enduring love.  This genuine, three-year courtship and love story by mail encompasses fear, relief, insecurity, strength, doubt, and devotion.

As we get older, two things happen – our memories fade, and the stories we tell get bigger and better. My Life in Lists is a booklet for everyone. It is designed for individuals to record, in list format, the people, places, and things throughout their lives – and then share

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Too Many Taxes?

“The forefathers of this great nation fought and won a revolution because of taxation without representation in King George’s parliament. Over the past several decades, taxpayers have

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Reader Reviews

Masterful story.  Hope is what keeps human beings going – that is the message of this wonderful book!         Retired Federal Employee, Maine Powerfully written. 

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Who Decides?

There are four sides to every story—yours, mine, theirs, the truth that lies somewhere between. Threats to democracy fill todays print, broadcast, and cyber worlds.

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