President You

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Asks the questions, “What would you do if you were president?” “How would you do things differently?”

This is the story of Augustus Lincoln Treatise who forgoes retirement and takes on the challenge of solving America’s thorniest problems by becoming president. His wife and children react differently to his initial announcement and later to his policy initiatives. Chapters include Environment, Health Care, Immigration, Jobs, Political Correctness, and Sanctuary Jurisdictions. Topics broached in other sections are Elections and Electoral College, Globalization, National Language, Social Security, Taxes, and the 14th, 17th, 22nd Constitutional Amendments.

The book is designed to get you thinking about the role and responsibilities of national government, the issues that affect our collective and individual lives, and the power of each and every citizen to make enduring change. Within its fictional narrative, this non-fiction book reaffirms that “ordinary” citizens can have a profound impact on the life of our nation and, by extension, the world. President You prompts Americans of all political persuasions to reflect with new urgency on how government should work and is an ideal catalyst for generating discussion of today’s domestic and international policies.

President You is a powerfully written, masterful story that does not push any particular agenda; it is well-researched, stimulates creative thinking, and is timely reading with 2022 elections forthcoming.


Hundreds Sold all across the U.S.    An interesting read.    A wonderful example of the “Shows, not Tells” maxim.    Posted to Goodreads.  

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“Are you out of your ever-loving mind?”   Angelica’s shocked voice rose above the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade broadcast.   Her normally soft brown eyes,  now intently focused on her husband,  contained a hint of anger.   “We were discussing retiring,  traveling,  doting on our grandchildren,  enjoying life,  reducing stress,  making time for each other.   You want to do what?”

* * * *

“If former Communist and current socialist countries are looking at America’s excellent privatized medical systems in order to improve the health of their people,  why are forces in our democracy demanding health care become more like the medical systems in Communist and socialist nations — often described as poor?”

* * * *

“There is no way you can deport ten to twenty million people … some countries from where illegals came no longer exist … You’re talking about depleting the population in the U.S. by 6% … imagine twenty million used cars flooding the market,  twenty million vacant homes for sale,  twenty million bank accounts emptied,  and twenty million employees no longer working in agriculture or business.   What is the impact?”

* * * *

“Jonathan Swift wrote,  ‘Some Men,  under the Notions of weeding out Prejudices;  eradicate Religion,  Virtue,  and common Honesty.’   That is what Political Correctness accomplishes.   In its attempts to weed out every kind of prejudice and offense,  it has begun to eradicate all forms of religion,  replace virtue with violence,  and make honesty in plain speaking impotent.”

* * * *

“… functionaries in the Legislative Branch had become too divisive … each party entrenched in its far left and far right ideological beliefs … It was common practice for both parties to effect political strategies designed to thwart the opposing party’s White House agenda.   As far as members of Congress were concerned,  every chief executive elected to the Oval Office was a lame duck.”

* * * *

“From 1775 to 1783,  liberty revering,  independent minded,  ordinary people accomplished an unheard of,  unimaginable feat — a revolution which defeated the globe’s mightiest army and forced that world’s greatest empire to negotiate.   Then,  in 1787,  many of those same revolutionaries created something exceptional:  a Constitution that rejected violence as a means to change government and codified the most important four-letter word in all humanity — VOTE.”

* * * *

“…without fairness and balance journalism may become indistinguishable from vigilantism,”           (Hodding Carter, III)

* * * *

“…discussions revolved around Turkey,  Syria,  Iraq,  and Iran designating a portion of their territory — historical lands claimed,  pre-World War I owned,  and currently occupied by the Kurds — for creating a new Kurdistan,”

* * * *

“Our Founding Fathers established a constitutional republic based on the representative democracy concept.   Core to its creation is a government answerable to the people through citizen participation.   Its genius is a flexibility that responds to the will of its citizenry.”

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