President You

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Asks the question, “What would you do if you were president?” “How would you do things differently?”

This is the story of Augustus Lincoln Treatise, who forgoes retirement and takes on the challenge of solving America’s thorniest problems by becoming president. His wife and children react differently to his initial announcement and later to his policy initiatives. Chapters include Environment, Health Care, Immigration, Jobs, Political Correctness, and Sanctuary Jurisdictions. Topics broached in other sections are Elections and Electoral College, Globalization, National Language, Social Security, Taxes, and the 14th, 17th, and 22nd Constitutional Amendments.

The book is designed to get you thinking about the role and responsibilities of the national government, the issues that affect our collective and individual lives, and the power of each and every citizen to make enduring change. Within its fictional narrative, this non-fiction book reaffirms that “ordinary” citizens can have a profound impact on the life of our nation and, by extension, the worldPresident You prompts Americans of all political persuasions to reflect with new urgency on how government should work and is an ideal catalyst for generating discussion of today’s domestic and international policies.

President You is a powerfully written, masterful story that does not push any particular agenda; it is well-researched and stimulates creative thinking.

Hundreds Sold all across the U.S.    An interesting read.    A wonderful example of the “Shows, not Tells” maxim. 

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Reviews Submitted By Readers

How to fix the Government!

Reviewed By: Robert F Schlegel, Jr
An interesting read from someone who has great knowledge of how the US Government is supposed to function and, more specifically, the President’s role in it.

We Are All “President You!”

Reviewed By: Amazon Customer
Highly recommend. In President You, Tom Williams challenges each of us to participate in our nation’s political process and thereby influence both the intricate culture of Washington DC and, ultimately, America’s role in the world. Not trying to push any particular agenda but rather to stimulate individual, creative thinking into of policy issues, Mr. Williams systematically discusses almost 30 traditional Washington practices, customs, and policies that affect every US citizen encouraging our involvement and action. In his own words, “each of us has a voice and in our own way is a President YOU.” Mr. Williams presents a well-researched work that is not only worth one’s time to read and contemplate but also a superb stimulus for an in-depth discussion of our political process and culture.

Required Reading

Reviewed By: Bob
In my opinion, it would be required reading for every high school Advanced Placement Civics or Government course in the country. Also, it should be included in the curriculum for Undergraduate Political Science, American Government and History at the college level.