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My Life in Lists

is a booklet for people of all ages, backgrounds, cultures, heritages, languages, and nationalities. It is designed for individuals to record, in list format,Lists.coverf.sm1.ffff++++the people, places, and things throughout their lives – and then share with family, friends, and even historians. After an initial introduction, a person can create his or her own lists on nearly 100 blank pages. It is not meant to be a diary or a journal. Rather, it is intended to become, simply and directly, a recorded compendium of one’s life.

It is a unique novelty gift for many occasions: anniversary, wedding, birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduation, promotion, retirement – even a “stocking stuffer” at Christmas.

Get one for your grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, children, grandchildren, siblings, cousins, spouse, or even yourself. Begin making lists today!

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President You

is a powerfully written, masterful story that does not push any particular agenda; it is well-researched, stimulatesPresident You Final Book Covercreative thinking, and is timely reading with 2022 mid-term elections forthcoming.

It will get you thinking about the role and responsibilities of national government, the issues that affect our collective and individual lives, and the power of each and every citizen to make enduring change. Within its fictional narrative, this non-fiction book reaffirms that “ordinary” citizens can have a profound impact on the life of our nation and, by extension, the world.

It prompts Americans of all political persuasions to reflect with new urgency on how government should work and is an ideal catalyst for generating discussion of today’s domestic and international policies.

5-Star Reviews! Hundreds sold across the U.S.
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