Book Reviews

Very interesting, thought-provoking read.

Reviewed By: Craig
Great book!

Delightfully Sensible!

Reviewed By: Amazon Reader
A breath of fresh air! After being subjected to “Constitutional experts” in the media for the past few years, delving into this was a welcome respite. The amount of knowledge and genuine insights found in this book was impressive. I’m a retired educator and for 20 years somehow found myself teaching US Govt. to adult and secondary students. Aside from having to brush up on my own knowledge of civics at the outset, one stumbling block one faces is always how best to present course material. How does one make the topics accessible and relevant to students? The approach the author devised in this book, utilizing Augustus Treatise and his unlikely election as POTUS, is a very effective format. It enables the reader to consider firsthand the vast range of problems faced by our government through the years and then the novel solutions Augustus attempts. In this way, I thought this book to be a wonderful example of the “show not tell” maxim. The assessment and methods Augustus uses to find solutions as the Chief Executive and “right the ship” are based on common sense — to such an extent, one has to wonder about the insane alternatives that have somehow prevailed. For me, this mindset was reminiscent of reading Mark Twain’s observations. In this overall question of “how are men to be governed,” the author gives a detailed history behind many issues as part of examining how to go forward. Another lesson in how it helps to probe the past and how we arrived here. In addition, many problems in government were brought to my attention that had simply never occurred to me. The book also has sprinkled throughout a nice amount of comic relief in the way of anecdotal details and even a hilarious illustration of political correctness carried to the extreme and its devastating effect on card games. Overall, a refreshing lesson on several levels. Highly recommended!

A compelling read

Reviewed By: Oma Sue
Little did I know how much I would enjoy this powerfully written story of common-sense solutions to our seemingly complex and overwhelming political problems. Tom’s storytelling provides a historical perspective that is both comforting and thought-provoking. I found “President You” to be a compelling story. I very much recommend reading the book for personal enjoyment or for educational purposes and discussion.

Filled with Hope!

Reviewed By: KLTG
At this time, when the political climate of our country is more depressing and stressful that the world-wide Covid-19 pandemic that has plagued the U.S., it is comforting and important to fill ourselves with hope and know that we can be part of the solution. Everyone should read this book, then take a cup of coffee, step outside or open a window and take a big breath of fresh air. You will find yourself smiling.

Great Book

Reviewed By: MAJ (Ret) Randall K. Faulkner, USA
Great read!

A Poignant Love Story

Reviewed By: Jyll Stuart
This book touched my soul. I grew up in the 70s and barely remember the Vietnam War. I had cousins come home that were forever emotionally traumatized. “Letters to a G.I.” lets you journey through the relationship between Amy and Scott as they evolve from friendship to love. Tom and Judy Williams truly captured the essence of this romance and bring to life something beautiful!