Old Computers

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to get rid of all my old computers and outdated technology. I have four options – throw away, recycle, donate, or some combination. Before I take any action in that regard, I want to crank up the machines, extract, and eliminate any personal information. Especially, since two of […]

Life Story Book Services

Have you participated in a special family event this year? Perhaps a marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day, a Graduation in May, or a Wedding in June. Maybe a milestone such as a 100th Birthday or Golden Anniversary? Did you wish you could make that activity more memorable? That is what Jenny Chasteen and her business, […]

Letters Listed

My book “Letters to a G.I.” is listed in the “Creative Juices” section of the Kentucky Alumni magazine, Summer 2023 edition, on page 55. Tom Williams … has written “Letters to a G.I.: An Intimate Journey from Friendship to Love” which tells the true story of a three-year courtship and love story by mail between […]

Pet Saviors

A while ago, I posted a blog “Cats and Cancer” about our cat Nora. Today, I would like you to meet the professional veterinarians who saved her life. Below are two links to the same article. It is entitled “Early Detection Leads to Successful Surgery for Family’s Beloved Cat.” (1) (2)  Early Detection Leads […]


What is a list? In short, it is a cue card, a reminder, a memory jogger. How many lists do you make or use without even thinking – it is second nature. Grocery lists are probably the most common. This time of year, activities related to school graduation might form the basis for lists. Traditionally, […]

Spring Cleaning and Paint

What do you think of when you hear the words “Spring Cleaning?” For many it is put away winter clothes and bring out the summer digs. To others it means put into storage snow shovels, throwers and breakout lawn mowers, yard tools. Still more may replace skis and sleds with bicycles and ATVs. Some may […]

When and Where to Write

            Since I became a published author, I have met, listened, spoken, and “zoomed” with several other professionals who write books. Those information exchanges lead me to conclude we authors have one thing in common, as well as a key difference.             The commonality we all share is the establishment of “our” place in which […]

Cats and Cancer

From the time I was a child up to my first few years of marriage, my family possessed cats and dogs. Back then, the only time one of our animals saw a veterinarian was to get its annual rabies shot. Our animals passed away for three reasons; old age, hit by a car, or ran […]

Life Story Book Services

The spry ninety-year-old volunteer revealed she was a Rosie-the-Riveter who assembled airplane engines during World War II. Something she never told her children. Local news often highlights a senior citizen’s amazing accomplishments to the awe and wonderment of his or her grandchildren, who never knew. A middle-aged man mentioned he had sorted through his life […]

Bureaucrat Mode

Several Yellow Sticky Notes on a Table

At the beginning of every new calendar year, I make time in January and February to close out the old calendar year. By necessity, the process includes ensuring all that has changed the prior year is updated for use in the next. The result of my actions provides readiness for the annual nemesis – April […]