National Flag Week

This week is National Flag Week, a time to honor, respect, and display our country’s iconic symbol, the Stars and Stripes. I will do so on Flag Day, June 14.

In recognition of National Flag Week, it is important to learn of other flags created and flown during the Revolutionary War, before the thirteen colonies became E pluribus Unum.

Don’t Tread on Me (Gadsden Flag)

Hope (Colony of Rhode Island)

An Appeal to Heaven (Pine Tree Flag)

Bennington Flag (Fillmore Flag)

Moultrie Flag (Liberty Flag)

Bunker Hill Flag (Flag of New England)

Some of these flags have become recent topics of divisiveness. Freedom and liberty loving Americans are encouraged to look up the history of each flag and decide for themselves.

(Photo Source: Department of Defense publication DoD Gen-5, dated 12 February 1964)

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