What is a list? In short, it is a cue card, a reminder, a memory jogger.

How many lists do you make or use without even thinking – it is second nature. Grocery lists are probably the most common. This time of year, activities related to school graduation might form the basis for lists. Traditionally, the wedding month of June fosters visions of lists. Vacations require lists of where to go, how to get there, what to do, what to pack. There are lists of meetings to attend, telephone calls to make, e-mails to sort through, messages to answer, social media to respond, programs to watch, places to be, games to play, and a host of other activities.

One must ask, “Throughout life’s journey, will today’s grocery list be remembered ten, thirty, fifty years from now?” Shouldn’t lists have greater meaning?

That is the idea behind “My Life in Lists.” The booklet is designed as your single source of personal lists filled with memorable people, places, things, and events — occurrences in your life you want to preserve, remember, and recall years from now. Each page is a cue card, every word and phrase reminders and memory joggers, catalysts for tales to share with family or friends.

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