President You

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Asks the question, “What would you do if you were president?” “How would you do things differently?”

This is the story of Augustus Lincoln Treatise, who forgoes retirement and takes on the challenge of solving America’s thorniest problems by becoming president. His wife and children react differently to his initial announcement and later to his policy initiatives. Chapters include Environment, Health Care, Immigration, Jobs, Political Correctness, and Sanctuary Jurisdictions. Topics broached in other sections are Elections and Electoral College, Globalization, National Language, Social Security, Taxes, and the 14th, 17th, and 22nd Constitutional Amendments.

The book is designed to get you thinking about the role and responsibilities of the national government, the issues that affect our collective and individual lives, and the power of each and every citizen to make enduring change. Within its fictional narrative, this non-fiction book reaffirms that “ordinary” citizens can have a profound impact on the life of our nation and, by extension, the worldPresident You prompts Americans of all political persuasions to reflect with new urgency on how government should work and is an ideal catalyst for generating discussion of today’s domestic and international policies.

President You is a powerfully written, masterful story that does not push any particular agenda; it is well-researched and stimulates creative thinking.

Hundreds Sold all across the U.S.    An interesting read.    A wonderful example of the “Shows, not Tells” maxim. 

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Reviews Submitted By Readers

Common Sense way to improve our Country

Reviewed By: Matthew Locke
The book was a great common-sense approach on ideas to improve our government. The themes and ideas throughout the book could make quick and positive changes to our country. The crazy thing is that some of them would cost very little to implement. I particularly liked the chapter on Political Correctness. The book is a quick and easy read. It would be great for students and people wanting to know how they could make a difference with our government.

Political Science Study

Reviewed By: Patty
Too bad Mr. Williams does not have a string of degrees after his name. That would certainly help in getting this book included as required reading and discussion at both the high school AP Government and Undergraduate Political Science levels. Wonder what would happen if all voters read President You BEFORE the next election – results would be very interesting. Would not hurt for a few so-called journalists and political commentators to read it too, they might actually learn something about what they are reporting/commenting on.

If only ALT (Augustus Lincoln Treatise) Was Running for President in 2020!!

Reviewed By: Daniel P.
Williams weaves a masterful story that expresses what most Americans would love to see happen in real life. Based upon Williams’ real-life experiences in government, he includes many perplexing and frustrating situations involving bureaucracy and big corporate interests that you want to just retire to Italy and raise goats! But then Augustus Lincoln Treatise steps in to bring about positive changes that restore common sense in government. As much as possible, that is. No one man or woman can turn around the bloated, largely self-serving government quickly. It’s just not possible. But HOPE is what keeps human beings going, and that is the message of this wonderful book!