Why and What to Write – Part III

In the next weeks, people around the world will celebrate a variety of holidays with festivities, friends, and loved ones. It is during these times I especially think of family gatherings when sons and daughters, moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas share their common traditions. What a wonderful opportunity to listen, learn and seek answers […]

Why and What to Write – Part II

This week I offer why I wrote “President You.” Simply, it was disappointment in overly partisan congresses and divisive presidencies. That and my belief politicians fail to provide citizens with adequate information regarding public policy initiatives. Too often, elected officials accentuate their version of the positive while hiding detrimental negatives. You can probably come up […]

Why and What to Write – Part I

This is the first of a five-part commentary on Why and What to Write. Human beings have within themselves tales to tell. Verbally, they infuse heart and soul into their “once upon a time.” Many of them are fortunate enough, talented enough, stubborn enough, lucky enough, and skilled enough to transfer their animations from the […]


Sign stating rattlesnake area

Why was the word “Rattlesnake” important to my dad? As we get older, two things tend to happen. The stories we tell get bigger and better, and our memories tend to fade. The booklet “My Life in Lists” is a great way to capture your life. Not as a diary or journal but filled with […]