Why was the word “Rattlesnake” important to my dad?

As we get older, two things tend to happen. The stories we tell get bigger and better, and our memories tend to fade. The booklet “My Life in Lists” is a great way to capture your life. Not as a diary or journal but filled with single-word or short phrase “memory” joggers.

Perhaps we have wished our grandparents, parents, a favorite aunt or uncle had kept some sort of logbook. Maybe there are things they could tell us now before they pass. Ever try to remember who, what, when, and where in unmarked old photos?

In my dad’s case, the rattlesnake was an important event in his life. As a boy, he often heard that if you make a rattlesnake mad enough, it will bite itself. He found one and proceeded to toss it in the air using a shovel. Well, he missed one toss and nearly got bit. At which point he decided the tale wasn’t true – the snake never bit itself. Had that “memory jogger” not been written down and available for me to ask dad about it, I would have never known about his snake encounter.

Entries in your or their booklet may be shared with children, grandchildren, and family at reunions or with dear friends at intimate gatherings. Before you forget all the wonderful things you have seen, enjoyed, and done, don’t wait to capture them.

“My Life in Lists” by Tom Williams is available on Amazon.

Photo by Brennan Meinke on Unsplash

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