When and Where to Write

            Since I became a published author, I have met, listened, spoken, and “zoomed” with several other professionals who write books. Those information exchanges lead me to conclude we authors have one thing in common, as well as a key difference.

            The commonality we all share is the establishment of “our” place in which to write. For some, a detached, single-car garage has been converted into a studio. Others built in the backyard a mini-cottage or closed-in gazebo for refuge. Most took over a college-bound student’s bedroom. Many, like me, occupy space in a finished basement. Regardless the site, when “in residence” Do Not Disturb is often understood.

            What distinguishes us from each other is when we put pen to parchment, type to paper, or keystrokes to computer screen. Some authors are much disciplined. They set aside the same hours, on the same days, for the same amount of time. Others focus on writing a certain number of words each time they enter their sanctuary. As for me, I fall into two categories. One, when the idea strikes and words flow I type until the notion ebbs – no matter how long it takes. On the other hand, I’ll generate a concept and talk it through, either out loud during the day or quietly over and over in my head at night until I go to sleep. Once the thought becomes cogent, it gets written down — or discarded.

            Regardless the place or time of creation, readers enjoy the product authors’ produce.

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