Why and What to Write – Part IV

In today’s digital world, does anyone write love letters? Let alone keep them? Are romantic correspondences preserved, or deleted? Do amorous episodes get cached, or purged? Are such records of events retained or lost in the dustbin of history?

Archivists possess the letters John Adams wrote to Abigail. Robert E. Lee’s letters to his family during the Civil War were published. Ronald Reagan reportedly wrote love notes to Nancy daily. Each document offers insights into the life, beliefs, feelings, and thoughts of the letter-writer, as well as a historical record of those times.

It is in this vein “Letters to a G.I.” was published. While not famous people, the actual letters from a young woman to a soldier reflect those same characteristics. Moreover, I felt it important to highlight the significant impact letters from home have on loved ones separated by great distances, especially military service men and women stationed far away.

And, as in this case, letters can create a long-lasting bond beginning with friendship and ending in love.

Photo by Liam Truong on Unsplash

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