Life Story Book Services

Have you participated in a special family event this year? Perhaps a marriage proposal on Valentine’s Day, a Graduation in May, or a Wedding in June. Maybe a milestone such as a 100th Birthday or Golden Anniversary?

Did you wish you could make that activity more memorable?

That is what Jenny Chasteen and her business, Life Story Book Services, can provide. 

When you answer a few of her poignant questions, she will help you create a book of memories for yourself, and perhaps more importantly, that special someone or couple in your life. Her personalized interviews focus on the heart of someone’s life to capture the best of memories.

Don’t wait until life has passed you by, or those closest are no longer with us.

If you are ready to put your life, or the life of those special people, in print, contact , or visit her website for more information.

Not ready to tell life’s story in a book, then consider “My Life in Lists.” Record memorable events using a single word or short phrase. In later years, the lists of memory joggers may aid in the recall of life’s highlights. Tales of occurrences to share with family before those activities are long forgotten.

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