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The spry ninety-year-old volunteer revealed she was a Rosie-the-Riveter who assembled airplane engines during World War II. Something she never told her children. Local news often highlights a senior citizen’s amazing accomplishments to the awe and wonderment of his or her grandchildren, who never knew. A middle-aged man mentioned he had sorted through his life and was determined to share aspects his family did not already know.

Are you similar to these people?

If your answer is “Yes,” then Life Story Book Services is right for you.

At significant events, families show music videos and members speak about the life of those special and honored ones. Dear friends are asked to say a few words, even provide an anecdote or two. Did the music, photos, words, and tales tell the whole story?


If your answer is “No,” then Life Story Book Services is what you need.

As the human clock in our body winds down, we tend to lose track of precious time. When our course on earth is run, what will be known? At that time, the question is not, “What will be said?” Rather, the question is, “What do I want said?”

One must therefore ask, “Why wait?”

If your answer is, “I’m not waiting,” then Life Story Book Services can help.

How do these questions and answers meld with the book “My Life in Lists?”

The booklet is a great tool for capturing your life with key words and short phrases as memory joggers. You can use your lists of clues and cues to tell stories with loved ones in individual sittings or when surrounded at family gatherings.

Maybe you would rather use your notations to write a book, combining life with accompanying photographs. Perhaps create a compendium of memories to present to loved ones at a special occasion.

Either way, Life Story Book Services can assist. They can use your written lists as a basis for asking additional questions, expanding on your life’s story. Moreover, their personalized interviews focus on the heart of your life to create the best of memories. You tell your story, they do the work.

If you are ready to put your life in print, contact , or visit her website for more information.

But, if you need some time to start your remembrance journey, order “My Life in Lists” for less than $8 here: My Life in Lists: A Simple Record of Your Life: Williams, Tom: 9780578699158: Books .

Record your memories now until no more stories are lost,


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