Love Letters

Meet Amy Palmer, a twenty-year-old switchboard operator in a career at the local Bell Telephone Company office. Enter a soldier, Scott Morris, two years into military service as the war in Vietnam begins to wind down. The year is 1971.

In her own words, follow Amy’s life-changing, emotional journey from first notice of Scott, to initial friendship, through dearest affection, toward unabashed adoration, and finally enduring love.

Amy’s personal letters are an intimate window into her likes, dislikes, and frailties.  She often expresses self-doubt, on other occasions discloses inner strength. Amy transitions from youthful joy and infatuation to a woman’s maturity and wisdom.

Within her sensitive and touching writings are common, everyday occurrences. An employed girl’s life at home with mom, dad, sister, dog, and cat. She includes humor and sarcasm, and thoughts dealing with the highs and lows of work for “Ma Bell.” Not knowing anything about the military, Amy connects with Scott by inserting newly learned army jargon.

This true, three-year courtship and love story by mail encompasses fear, relief, insecurity, strength, doubt, and devotion.

(Available on Amazon in Paperback and E-Book.)

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