Reader Reviews

Masterful story.  Hope is what keeps human beings going – that is the message of this wonderful book!

        Retired Federal Employee, Maine

Powerfully written.  Provides a historical perspective that is both comforting and thought provoking.

        Children’s Book Author, Nebraska

Very effective format.  The amount of knowledge and genuine insights found in this book was impressive.  A wonderful example of the “show not tell” maxim.

            Teacher of Government and Civics, California

Well-researched work.  Not trying to push any particular agenda, but rather to stimulate individual, creative thinking.

        Retired Army Officer, Washington, DC

Everyone should read this book, get a cup of coffee, step outside, and take a big breath of fresh air.  You will find yourself smiling.

        Marketing Executive, Arizona

Quick and easy read.  Great for students and people wanting to know how they could make a difference with our government.

        Banker, Kansas

Interesting, from someone who has great knowledge of how the Government is supposed to function and the President’s role in it.

        Medical Doctor, Pennsylvania

Understanding of the presidency and how an independent thinks.

        Homemaker, Texas

Great Read!

        Government Employee, Georgia

Our politically-split society has lost touch with critical-thinking. It inherently calls upon the reader to discern how and why an issue has or should move in a particular direction.

          Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of Fiction, Kansas

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