Too Many Taxes?

“The forefathers of this great nation fought and won a revolution because of taxation without representation in King George’s parliament. Over the past several decades, taxpayers have come to believe elected officials who serve in Congress no longer represent the interests of the citizen where taxes are concerned. Expenditures far exceed revenues. Borrowing now, paying later is the norm. Continuing resolutions replace basic budgeting and accounting principles. The words debt and deficit are comingled to the point they have lost their distinction. National debt is spoken in terms of percentage of Gross Domestic Product. It is as if every so-called representative of the people has a severe case of ‘affluenza.’ Congress is so addicted to taxpayer-financed public funding that elected officials have lost all powers of common sense and reasoning—and wholeheartedly believe they should be pardoned and reelected multiple times for their irresponsibility.”

(From “President You,” by Tom Williams, All Wet Publishing, LLC © 2019)

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