“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” — George Santayana.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was considered by some a danger to the status quo of 1960s segregated United States. Bigoted, racist, xenophobe Americans engaged in a multi-year, political dirty tricks, legal shenanigans, negative media, campaign to discredit his writings, disrupt his speeches, impugn his integrity, and assassinate his character. History recorded these marginalizing efforts only served to embolden Dr. King and recruit more supporters to his cause. The ultimate result of all those attacks is a statue on Washington Mall and a national holiday.

Donald John Trump is no Martin Luther King, Jr. This publisher does not always agree with Mr. Trump’s social media posts, speeches, or actions. That being said, it appears 21st Century American history is repeating itself.

Since 2015, modern day bigots, racists, and xenophobes have been waging a similar war against Mr. Trump. Politically, DJT was labeled a Russian agent of Putin, called an illegitimate president, and impeached twice. Legally, he has been charged with several crimes and attempts to remove his name from ballots are in vogue. The overwhelming percentage of media coverage of him has been, and continues to be, negative.

These exertions, seen by some citizens as a vendetta against DJT, only serve to strengthen Mr. Trump’s political stature and enhance his electability. Who knows, should attacks continue, 2024 history may repeat itself and Donald Trump may become the next Grover Cleveland.

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