Presidential Debates

The debate dates for the 2024 Presidential Election were announced; once again excluding other candidates running for president.

“A political outsider and still considered a third party candidate, he was not invited to join that election year’s nationally televised debates. Those debates also denied participation to the Communist, Green, Independent, Libertarian, and other parties who had citizens running for president. That action was blatantly unfair to those individuals and their supporters. Augustus used the snubs to his advantage. Once again, he told voters about the inherent unfairness to them and their candidate of choice because of media and major party exclusionary policies.

He repeatedly asked, “Shouldn’t Americans be equally exposed to all citizens seeking the presidency at the same time and in the same forums?” “Shouldn’t all candidates have their day in court—the public debates?” “In a country that believes in fairness, shouldn’t all persons wanting the highest office in the land be allowed equal opportunity to present their ideas to every voter and rightfully defend those thoughts against opponents?” The people agreed. The Democratic and Republican parties did not. The debates were held without the minor, insignificant-labeled participants.”

(Extracted from “President You: How a Thoughtful Ordinary Citizen Could Change the Most Complex Government on Earth,” by Tom Williams, All Wet Publishing, LLC © 2019.)          (Available on Amazon)

(Photos from White House & RFK, Jr.) (Stick candidates crated by Tom)

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